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Hay Bale Hire

Hay Bales

Whether you are hosting a family party or a large corporate event we are able to supply you with our conventional hay bales which have a number of uses. 

Dimensions are approximately 100cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high. 

Hire price: £6 per bale

Hay bale & Cable reel

Bale Covers

Hessian cover

Hessian Cover

Our simple hessian covers provides a bit of extra comfort and adds to the rustic theme of your event. 

Hire price: £2 per cover

Blue Fleece Cover

Blue Fleece Cover

Add some colour to your event and comfort to the bales with our blue fleece cover. 

Hire price: £2 per cover

Pink tartan cover

Pink Tartan Cover

Add some colour to your event and comfort to the bales with our pale pink tartan cover. 

Hire price: £2 per cover

Coffee Sack Bale Cover

Patterned Coffee Sack Cover

Our hessian coffee sacks provide comfort over the bales. They will all have different patterns. 

Hire price: £2 per cover

Canvas Bale Cover

Canvas Cover 

These covers cover the complete bale of hay for those looking for ultimate comfort. They are also waterproof.

Hire price: £4 per cover

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