Our Range

Hay bales

Whether you are hosting a small garden party or a large event we can supply you with our conventional hay bales. They have number of different uses.

Dimensions: Approximately 100cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high.

Hire price: £5 per bale

Hay bale sofa

Hessian cover

Our simple hessian bale cover adds to the rustic theme of your event.

Hire price: £2

Blue fleece cover

Add some colour to your event and the bales with our simple royal blue fleece cover. 

Hire price: £2

Hay bale cover

Pink tartan cover

Add some cover to your event and the bales with our pale pink tartan cover.

Hire price: £2

Pink tartan cover

Cable Reel

Our renovated cable reels have been sanded and varnished to create the ideal table to go alongside your bales while adding to the rustic theme of your event. 

Dimensions: Approximately 67cm high x 80cm wide across the table top.

Hire price: £20 

Cable reel as table

Wine Barrel

Our ex-wine barrels, made from French Oak, have been sanded and treated with a light oak woodstain to create the ideal prop or drinks table at your event, while adding to the rustic feel.

Dimensions: Approximately 95cm high x 70cm across the belly.

Hire price: £30

Wine barrel

Wine Barrel Armchair

Handcrafted,totally unique and comfortable. Our red wine barrel armchair has been created from a used wine barrel. 

Dimensions: Approximately 90cm high x 95cm long x 70cm wide.

Hire price: £60


Pallet Bench

Our pallet benches have been made using reclaimed pallets as an alternative seating option to add to the rustic theme of your event. 

Dimensions: Approximately 120cm long x 60cm wide x 90cm.

Hire price: £25 

Pallet seating

Barrel Bar

Rustic piece of redwood sits on two wine barrels to create a 2.5m long bar which can be set up almost anywhere, inside or out.

Dimensions: Approximately 1m high x 2.5m long.

Hire price: £90

Barrel Bar

Pallet Bar

Our pallet bars have been handmade using reclaimed pallets and boards to add to your rustic theme. These are made in interchangeable sections which can be constructed to varying lengths. 

Dimensions of one section is approximately 120cm long x 60cm wide x 110cm high.

Hire price: £90

All hire prices plus delivery.

For a quote or any other information please do not hesitate to contact us.